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Litecoin $131.60393 $1.37166 (-4.05517137%)
Bitcoin Cash $416.88448 $4.33440 (-3.8197522%)
EOS $2.59516 $0.02652 (-2.15685909%)
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What is Sharks Holdings? A few years ago we’ve started to discover the various investment options available on the Internet. We’ve tried numerous HYIP, revshare and other hybrid programs and always hoped they won’t shut down ahead of time.

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Jose Huerta
Great and real admin!!! 100% confidence
Higgo78 - CEO - Nevakain Industries
I just want to say how pleased I am with Sharksholdings to continue its run and reaching for more in this pandemic environment. Yan is one of the hardest working CEO’s I know personally, I stand by his values, “his gains are your gains” in the literal sense of the phrase. I have been a long-standing example of his continuous generosity right back to the coinpot and days. I still to this day receive the odd ref back from these sites. Big thinks for the Shark brand heading into the next bullrun that is on our doorstep in a few days. Keep up the good work, Sharkie, Jamie, Cryptowolf, Martin and the other members of the original shark crew.