Frequently Asked Questions

                 F.A.Q.  - AN ANSWER FOR EVERY QUESTION



1. - What is Sharks-Holdings?

We are a revenue-share based profit maximizer and advertising Buisnes renting high quality Profit Packages (PP) from the internet-based money earning sector. To rent profit packages in Sharks-Holdings, each customer is entitled to receive a share of our daily trading profit.




1.1 - Type of the Site

We are not a Bank or any kind of Financial Institution. Therefore we do not collect financial-based deposits from our members. We are a Team that try to maximize their member's earnings based on their profit-packs rented by their digital wallets and crypto moneys.


1.2 - Sharks-Holdings is a HYIP program?

No, we aren't an H.Y.I.P program! We do not operate under a Ponzi scheme. We have four strong legs like crypto mining, , crypto trading and a diversified portfolio,Revenue Shares,And Reff Commisions that all going Back To the Platform.




1.3 -Sharks-Holdings a Ponzi / HYIP / Pyramid Scheme?


No! We rent out Profit packages and give up to 120% cashback on your purchase. We simply share the revenue from our entire network with people renting profit packs on Sharks Holdings. A Ponzi scheme is merely a system that pays members from income generated from new members. We build multiple assets that generate external revenue and use this to pay our members, and we can not make a time-guarantee when the 120% cashback will be generated as that's dependant on our earnings.


2. - Can I Join Sharks-Holdings For Free?

Yes, You can instantly join for free.


standard membership                                                           

withdrawals per day :  1                                                           





MAX REFF       Unlimited                                                                  


2.1 - Can I own more than one account?

No, You are NOT ALLOWED to own more than one account. Each account should have its own unique Payeer, Perfect Money and/or bitcoin wallet for deposit and withdrawals. Please note that only 1 SH account is allowed per person. From this time forth  every accounts that is on the SAME IP (same 2nd account, same family, company sub accounts etc.) – CANNOT BE IN REFERRAL RELATION WITH EACH OTHER. So you can create any accounts from the same IP but these accounts cannot be in over/under relation with each other. This is a referral commission cheat (...we cannot verify who are behind same IPs...) so everyone who violates this rule – his/her account will be deleted from our system without any refund and notice. (Our Anti-Cheat protection in the script always informs us about: Same IP, same IP type, related accounts, passwords etc. - so we can see these anomalies immediately!) Thank you for your understanding – this rule will help our program’s greater success in the future!


2.2 - Do I need to rent profit packs to earn?

Yes - you need! You can earn from our Standard Membership ad system and earn revenue by visiting our members - advertisers sites. We will only pay out the money earned from free clicks for those who have an active account (rented at least 1 profit pack lifetime and still active). If you do not have an active profit pack, you can not withdraw money collected from free clicks (Business Directory).


2.3 - What other ways are there to earn from Sharks-Holdings?

You can earn from our site in 3 ways (If you do not have an active profit pack, you can not withdraw money):

- Revenue share  clicks coming soon... - you will get $0.001 +- per ad view (one clicked ad credited once every day!)
- Rental Profit Packs - and earning a share from our revenue when you rental a profit pack.
- Direct sales commissions - Promoting the Sharks-Holdings Affiliate Program - We have the most lucrative affiliate program in the business and offer  up to 12% commissions on all profit pack rentals of your personal referrals (1 level) /lev2 /lev 3.also the commision can be use only to buy new ADPACKS and the earnings from that ADPACKS can be withdrawble. so people wont cheat and wont try to make multiple accounts .


2.4 - What kind of Profit-Packs do you offer for customers?

in SH5 Profit Packs you can rent a maximum 100 shares and in SH25 Profit Packs you can rent a maximum 50 shares. And renting Profit Packs in the SH50 group you have to be rent 20 in the SH25 Profit Packs group.

For Example: You want to rent 15 Profit Packs from SH50 group. So you can only do this if you rent 30pcs Profit Packs from DP25group (20 x 25 $ / profit pack) first.

5$ pack Gives  Total Of    110% investment back+10% pure Profit Duration 125-200 days. 

25$ Pack Gives Total Of  115%  (investment Back  +15% Pure Profit)  Duration 125-200 Days.

50$  Pack Gives Total Of  120% (Investment Back + 20%Pure Profit)   Duration 120 -200Days

2.5 - Do I Need To View Ads To Earn?

No. You do not need to view any ads to earn daily. But if you want some extra money you can view ads in the Business directory for a small amount of cash.


2.6 - How can I check my account balances?

You can always access your account 24/7/365 over the Internet.


3. - What kind of programs contain Sharks-Holdings portfolio?

 portfolio Coming soon .....


3.1 - Can I advertise my own program on your site?

Yes We have Banners/PTC/Login ADS


3.2 - Is There a Refund Policy?

No. Due to the nature of the product we sell there will be no refunds on Profit Packs you rent and refund requests will result in termination of your account.

3.3 - How long do it take for Profit Packs to mature?

We cannot and do not provide any time frame for your earnings by our site. But based on our calculations the daily sharing will be about 0.65-1% and weekly profit will be 4-6%.


4. - What are the Withdrawal Limits and Fees?

- You can do a withdrawal in every 24 hours once (except on Sundays).
- Deposits are free and your withdrawal fee is 5% for now  And Can Be Subjeck To Change Depends On The Market And Our Profits Ty For Understanding. 
- You can request cashouts when your balance reaches $5.00 and the daily payouts are maximalized in $1000/Day.
- Payout term is maximum 10-36 hours (except on Sundays)!
- You can withdraw money from Monday to Saturday.
- The subtraction is paused on Sundays!

- Withdrawl Limit is to 150% of your Deposite  means if you invested 100$ you can maimum withdraw 200$ and so on 

that way there will be a money flow in our system and nobody will drain the platform .

IMPORTANT: Minimum cashout is $5.00 for all payment processors! 10$ and up recommended


4.1 - Can I request withdraw without active profit pack?

No, you can't! If you do not have an active profit pack, you can not withdraw money!


4.2 - What payment methods do you accept?

We are strictly not working with real payment providers (like Bank accounts etc.) - We are using and accepting only digital wallets: Perfect Money, Payeer - and Crypto-based digital wallets (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum etc.). You can fund your account by sending us a payment through one of the e-currency gateways. Currently we accept PerfectMoney, Payeer and Cryptocoins through CoinPayments gateway.


Using Coinpayments for Cryptocurrencies - Choose Bitcoin in your Add Balance or Rent Profit-Pack menu and fill your datas like below:


                                                                                    (picture of coinpayments need here)


4.3 - What are the accepted currencies?

We are accepting A several Cryptocurrencies as you can see above.




4.4 - Do payins are instant?

Only Coin Payments  and Cryptocurrency payin methods are accepted manually after admin checkings.




4.5 - Do payouts are instant?

No, every payouts are manual due to security reasons in our withdrawal frame time!




4.6 - What are your Payouts Term?

We do payouts daily within 1-36 hours upon requests. Every payouts are manual due to security reasons.



5. - How can I change my payment details?

Due to security reasons you cannot change your payment details directly! If you want to change them, just send your username and new payment details from your original email account to




5.1 - What can I do if I forgot my password?

you can contact support on the site or our email and  and we will need to fonfirm that you its realy you 

and we will reset your account 




5.2 - What are the requirements to join

You must be at least 18 years of age and members must read, accept and understand our Terms of Services before joining!




5.3 - How can I increase the security of my account?

- The Sharks-Holdings is not responsible for any account hacking!
- Do not share your login, password and other personal information to third parties!
- Use complex passwords (numbers, letters, special characters)!
- Do not click on links in emails from questionable destinations!
- Use antivirus software!




5.4 - What happens if I don't enter my account for 1 year?

- Your account will be deleted from the system.
- Your money in your deleted account will be divided among the active members of the SharksHoldings  community.
- Your referrals will be transferred to SH admins.
- We are not accepting complaints about your deleted account after the deadline (365 days)!