TIP FOR A TIP 3/11/2020 2:59:49 AM

New promo Guys  for next 10 days  The packs of 25$ will be 125% till the 18 of this month !!! 

WE Marching ahead GO GO GO 


hello everyone and first of all i wanna thank you for your kind support and youre trust in me its realy importent to me .  i know there is some fud going on but its ok . time will show what sharks holdings standing for.

also wanna introduce To you a nice program . That dosent need Any investment  Just  2 min of your time.   This one is a program that you can tip for free diffrent blogs and get tip back as well with BAT tokens  and this site is the sponser of that tips.  so join us here  and share some free tips with us  and once a month  we will do a GIVE AWAY to rendom members that took a part of it . and also it will help us to add another free sourse of income to our platform .

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