Temporary pause 3/15/2020 1:33:45 AM


we have invested in my passive trade  not small amout of money  .  now becouse the market they stoped operation  temporary .   as its abig sourse of income  of sharks holdings  we need to freez our oparation  for awhile .  when we recive funds BTC was 9500+   now that its drop almust in half  it need to be recovered thats why i asking your petient and understanding that im doing this only  becouse i realy care about my platform  and about its investors.  and now that mpt not working for  no idea how long till it will be back.   our protfolio alittle smaller and i need just alittle time to trade with 3commas and generate more BTC  and also to wait till the btc going alittle bit more up.  so we will stop all th profit packs starting today  


your money is safe  . once we unpouse it  it will keep working as usualy .


withdraws will be disable 


deposite will be disable   


and remember dont panic  im staying here for you  .  so around next  10 days  in this 10 days i will be colecting   from all the projects on our Protfolio+ 3commas trading .


then all will be back to normal again .


 im asking your petient 


TY for understanding  and if you have any qestions  just join our telegram group  and i will be there all the time .   here is the msg from the MPT 


Dear MyPassiveTrades members


Due to the current global financial unrest that was triggered by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic alongside the oil war and other factors, the Cryptocurrency markets are getting into unprecedented and incredibly unique market conditions with extreme reactions to all kinds of fleeting headlines and political speeches and statements. As a new asset class that emerged a little over a decade ago, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies have never been in such a challenge facing both a global pandemic and a global financial recession. Within this unique context we can’t be confident of hitting our profit targets at our time targets with our current forecasting models. Therefore we will suspend trading in this market and we’re going to temporarily halt earnings, deposits and withdrawals until trading resumes when the market is safer.


We exited all our positions very early on and we are not planning to trade this market until it is less volatile and less sensitive to every politician's word and every news headline. We need to protect funds and maintain stability while not taking massive risks like engaging in the current market. Sustainability is essential for us here in MPT and prevention is always better than cure.


We have always been fully transparent with our members and our plan is to always fight for the well-being of the MPT community. This is a lifelong mission for us and we are not going anywhere. We will do a live video tomorrow to discuss the situation and answer your questions.


Thank you for your understanding.